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  • 04/04/2021

Amina was super bored and decided to borrow her stepbros computer for a bit, hoping he wouldn’t find out. She was super shocked to see some pervy step sibling porn on there, but doesn’t make a big deal about it. Stepbro has a bit of OCD and notices someone had touched it right away. Since it was only him and Amina that were home, it could have been no one else. He goes and confronts her about it, which was a mistake since she then brought up the brother sister porn. Big bro tries to refute it, but Amina says she knows that he loves it. Then, she brings up the idea of him fucking her in real life. He finally admits that he’s been wanting to fuck her for a while, and she’s super horny at this point. They get into some hardcore step sibling sex right there on Aminas bed. This will be a memory they both will never forget.

A few days later Amina wonders why her step bro has been avoiding her, turns out its because he thinks if mom and dad find out they will get in trouble. Amina doesn’t care, she wants to do it again. She starts playing with her pussy to tease him, until he eventually sits down next to her. She bounces on her step bro’s dick just how a good little spinner of a stepsis should. Too bad their parents get home and they have to cut it short. On the last and most exciting of their crossings, big bro has finally come to terms with the facet that he loves to fuck Amina. As she steps out of the shower big bro unleashes his desires and fucks her doggy right on the bathroom floor. He asks her where she wants him to nut, and like the lovable step sis she is she asks for it in her mouth of course. Talk about good old fashioned family values.

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