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  • 04/04/2021

Our sly stepbro stumbles across his sis Layla casually taking a hot shower, but he has a problem. They were playing around the other day and somehow he managed to break his wrist. It’s all Layla’s fault. Now he’s trying to jack off and isn’t getting anywhere. He figured Layla might be down to help him out. Not only does she, but she even goes the extra mile and stuffs her mouth with his cock too, which shows us that she was definitely genuinely sorry.

The next day, stepbro is just roaming around the house and hears Layla cursing from her room. He goes in to see what all the commotion is about. Looks like her math homework is ticking her the fuck off. Luckily, stepbro is a math whiz, but never offers his services for free. Layla’s gonna have to let him fuck her for a little bit in order to get shit done. Her grades are super important, so it’s sure to be a fair trade. Watching his stepsis jerk the cum out of his dick made the entire exchange all worth it.

The next day, stepbro goes into stalker mode. He’s becoming fixated with Layla, and as she steps out of her room he notices her diary on the bed. He goes to read it, and finds out the best news ever. Layla’s got a crush on him! Just after he reads it, Layla comes back and is a bit pissed about his snooping, but also kind of happy that now they can be on the same page. From there, Layla strips down and spreads her pussy nice and wide for her big stepbro to fuck her family style. Layla was more affectionate this time too, sucking his nut down while looking into his eyes. What a beautiful site.

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