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  • 04/04/2021

Kenzie Green is a step sister who is about to be fucked. Her step brother is quite the wise one and he will trick her into sex. He puts his number in Kenzie’s phone as her boyfriends, and commences some wild sexting. He instructs her to blindfold herself and wait for him to come plow her. Does it work without getting caught? No. Eventually, she finds out when she realizes her bros cock was bigger and she takes off the blindfold, but she didn’t seem to be too upset about it.

The next day, step brother tries out some tricks on his oh so gullible step sister who will be ready for some sex. When he snaps his fingers, she should take her clothes off, and sure enough it works like a charm. The next snap she will have to give him a hand job. It’s done!

Later that day, Kenzie gets her hand stuck in the sink. She’s desperate to get it out. She has important shit to do! Kenzie promises step brother he can fuck her if he helps her break free. Once again, step brother being good at hypnotizing his litter step sister knows the exact solution to the situation. Rock her with his cock until her arm is jarred free. Perfect plan! Step sister couldn’t be happier that she can now go about her day, and step brother be more enthralled he got a fire nut. If you love watching a step sister get hypnotized and fucked as well as be repeatedly tricked into sex, then this is for you.

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