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  • 04/04/2021

Angel distracts her stepbro by standing in front of the tv while he tries to watch football. She insists he’s checking her out, which lead to her taking off her top. Then she says if he doesn’t fuck her, not only will she not let him watch the game, but shes also gonna tell. Ike had no choice but to pound her down. He did get some low key revenge though by creaming that pussy up. Next time, she might have to choose Plan B!

The next day, stepbro tries to head out for a day of fun but Angel doesn’t let him! She yanks his package and swindles him into letting her suck on his cock and balls. He had better shit to do, but she did swallow and promise not to tell mom and dad so I guess there was no harm done!

The next day, the neighbors are too loud and Angel can’t chill. She decides to hit up stepbro’s room on the other side of the house where it’s more quiet. He allows her to come into bed to vibe, but his little Angel had a hidden agenda. She really wanted to suck her bros fat cock! He wasn’t against it, but if he wanted the best chill of his life he would have to hit the pussy and bust on her face too. She didn’t mind one bit.

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