Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures - Blair Williams - SisLovesMe

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  • 05/04/2021

Part 1: It’s Just Business

Little Blair has been making a side hustle off selling selfies to creepy old men. The only problem is that her new request calls for certain angles that she can’t shoot herself. Good thing stepbro is home. She goes and asks him for help, stressing how he will have to put his cock in her mouth and she will be willing to share the profits. Is that the best deal ever or what? Blair sucked Ike clean dry and they both got paid. Awesome!

Part 2: Afternoon Siesta

The next day, Blair’s air conditioning was broken and she hates hot naps. She goes to Ike’s room to see if it’s a bit cooler in there, and sure enough it is! Blair persuades Ike to let her stay, then persuades him to fuck her by rubbing her ass all over his cock. Ike proceeds to pound that little step cunt until he drops the deepest load right inside of her. She couldn’t have been more happy.

Part 3: Fuck Me Good Or Else…

Finally, later in the week Blair admits to Ike that she heard him and his girlfriend fucking. She wants him to make her scream like his gf did. Blair is sick, and Ike knows it. He declines, but Blair has a back up plan. If he doesn’t do it, she’s going to tell their parents he tried. He can’t have that, so he drops his trousers and gives Blair one of the most intense dickings shes ever had in her life. Watching her play with his cum made Ike officially conclude he has the dirtiest step sis on the planet, and Blair couldn’t be more proud!

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