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  • 30/06/2021

Kendall Kross is about to graduate high school! Her mom wants to make sure they get great photos before commencement. Her mom hired a professional photographer to capture these precious moments. However, this teen is horny AF. She is more interested in flashing the photographer with her fur bush. At first, he tries to look away, but she is dead set on making him get a good look at that pussy. Finally, he gives up and starts enjoying the teen flash show before him. While trying to shoot some pictures, his cock gets hard and it’s very clear that he’s pitching a tent on the job. She grabs a hold of it and starts giving him teen head. Soon they are fucking on the couch and then in a standing position. Kendall’s mom almost walks in on them a couple times, but just manages to be at an angle where she can only see her daughter and not the man fucking her. He gets his hands all over her ass when she’s on top of him. He does more of the same when they are standing. When you see the ass on this hot teen, you’ll understand why he couldn’t stop feel that up. This photographer doesn’t capture a lot of shots that can go on the family mantle, but he does bust off a huge shot all over her face. As he finishes up and runs out the door, her mom notices her daughter has cum all over her face!

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