Superbowl Party - Gigi Flamez - FamilyStrokes

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  • 18/06/2021

It was superbowl sunday and Gigi and her dad are ready to watch the big game! Gigi really doesn’t care much about football, she was just there for her uncle, Jmac. When he got there, she was all over him, taking off her bra and flirting with him while they watched the game! Jmac finally went to go talk to her, and she admitted that her boyfriend just broke up with her and she’s been checking out uncle Jmac for months! This bad girl grabs her uncles dick and starts making out with him! Before we know it, she has his big dick in her mouth and they’re going at it while the rest of the guys are watching the game! Gigi gets fucked rough while her dad is right there! He does a good job of covering her mouth while he pounds into her 18 year old snatch, and in the end, she takes his load to her face!

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