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  • 09/07/2021

Arielle Faye may have the sexiest legs we’ve ever seen on a girl. She walks into her home to tell her stepdad about her troubles with mosquito bites. He tells her he has just the thing to alleviate the bites she’s got. He asks her to take off her top. She isn’t very comfortable with it, but he assures her that it is okay. Then she mentions she that has other bites in more private areas. Her stepdad says he’ll need her to take off her pants so he can help her with those too. He promises it’s okay because he is her stepdad and he won’t look. However, when she takes off her pants, he says he forgot that in order to put lotion on her he has to look. Then he starts rubbing her bald pussy for her. She thanks him for helping her. He informs her that he has some bug bites and that perhaps she could help him with those. She asks him to rub some lotion on his dick where he has these bites. Then he informs her that he found out human saliva is the best thing for mosquito bites and that maybe she could help him by putting some on his dick with her mouth. She starts to give him a blowjob in the name of bug bite relief. Then, they both start to get turned on. Her stepdad starts fucking her but hears her mom coming. Her stepdad covers her nude body with a blanket and pretends he doesn’t know where Arielle is. When her mom leaves, he starts fucking his stepdaughter again. He gives her some of his own cum lotion to help prevent any further bites to her beautiful face! Thanks for caring stepdaddy.

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