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  • 21/07/2021

Things have been a bit rocky in our household lately. My wife has been stressed about a lot of things lately, money, work, etc….which has definitely been affecting our sex life as she hasn’t let me fuck her in almost 3 months. Unfortunately, I also think all the tension has been affecting our 18 yr old daughter, who normally is sweet and innocent, but lately has been very bratty and disrespectful. She and her mother just got into a heated argument because she wants more money to go out with her friends, but doesn’t want to do any of the choirs that she is responsible for. Her mom got upset, said a few mean things…and then left the house. So I went up to my daughter’s room to see if she was ok… What I didn’t know is that my daughter has been overhearing our fights, and knows how sexually frustrated I have been lately. She uses this knowledge to weaken me and to make a deal with me. I get to let out some of my built up sexual urges, and she gets the money she wants to go out with her friends. I know this is wrong, but as my 18 yr old daughter starts to slowly strip off her clothes right in front of me, I can’t help but to want to see her expose her perky all natural breasts to me. Watch as what used to be daddy’s little princess turn into daddy’s little slut, as she talks dirty to me, and weakens my moral judgment into saying yes to feeling and filling up my daughter’s most private parts…the ones that fathers should never get to touch.

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